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A Response To A Blog Post

I saw this article a few weeks ago, but didn't comment, but I have to chime in now…I’m not really posting this for everyone, I’m posting this specifically to the post’s author, Gina M. Florio, because these things need to be discussed in something more than a Twitter...

The Soundtrack of My Life, Disc 2: Like A Friend

So, a year ago, I posted a writeup about something I do, and now here’s my second part.  What I do is, I keep playlists of my favorite songs over my life, what I call my Personal Playlists, that help remind me of who I am, who I was, and the times that were had. BTW,...

A Girl, A Clown, And A Cover

So….   The whole Batgirl variant cover situation is now so radioactive on both sides, you shouldn't go near it with a 10 foot Bat-Pole. — Rob Smedley (@robsmedley86) March 17, 2015 Heh, um... challenge accepted.  Let’s talk about the Batgirl Variant cover (now...

The Gate Closes

Yesterday, another piece of my past went away. Well, it didn’t go away…it’s still there. I just don’t have access to it anymore.


The truly great Science Fiction shows and films have one common quality: A truly great actor whose presence brings importance, legitimacy and gravitas to a genre whose very nature requires unbelievable factors. An actor whose performance on the screen and beyond...

To Hell With Fate Is Now On Paper!

Forget pre-orders! To Hell With Fate is available for print right now!
It turns our that my publisher’s printing partner, Ingram, moved things along a little faster than we expected! So instead of waiting for September 30th, To Hell With Fate; or, Why The Best Valentine’s Gifts Come From Mini-Marts is available immediately! You can go straight to the Untreed Reads Store to order it, and it will be shipped right away!