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NowOnTreesForget pre-orders!  To Hell With Fate is available for print right now!

It turns our that my publisher’s printing partner, Ingram, moved things along a little faster than we expected!  So instead of waiting for September 30th, To Hell With Fate; or, Why The Best Valentine’s Gifts Come From Mini-Marts is available immediately!  You can go straight to the Untreed Reads Store to order it, and it will be shipped right away!

Thank you to all of those who pre-ordered the book!  Your copies should be shipping shortly.

If you haven’t ordered, Untreed Reads is continuing their 25% off discount for the foreseeable future!

It may take up to two weeks for the listings to appear on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but they will be there.  However, as an author, I would appreciate if you could order the book through Untreed Reads.  My own thoughts about Amazon aside, I get much better royalties when it’s ordered directly!

You can also order the book at bookstores and libraries with the newfangled Espresso Book Machine, and they will print the book in the store and you can take it home!  There aren’t many of these around yet (the closest to my home of the San Francisco Bay Area is the Sacramento Public Library), but you can see if there’s one close to you here.

Again, thank you so much for all the preorders, and I hope you enjoy this book and all the ones to come!

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