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To Hell With Fate; or, Why the Best Valentine's Gifts come from Mini-Marts

The first novel by Kevin J. Cunningham, available now exclusively as an ebook on all major stores!

The Lunatic Fringe

A comic for San Francisco Giants fans, and maybe a few of the strips are for all sports fans as well.

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Meet the author, photographer and all around storyteller who greatly appreciates all 12 people who have come to this site!

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Why Melania Trump’s Speech Isn’t Just About Copied Words

Why Melania Trump’s Speech Isn’t Just About Copied Words

Like any fad on the internet, it starts as silliness, and then turns to overdone, and then the anti-fad people take over… So, let’s talk about the “fad” that’s been bashing Melania Trump’s plagiarized speech (which I’ve certainly partaken in), and why it’s not about...

A Response To A Blog Post

A Response To A Blog Post

I saw this article a few weeks ago, but didn't comment, but I have to chime in now…I’m not really posting this for everyone, I’m posting this specifically to the post’s author, Gina M. Florio, because these things need to be discussed in something more than a Twitter...

My Thoughts While Watching The New Star Wars Trailer

My Thoughts While Watching The New Star Wars Trailer

I'm sorry I don't update my blog often...and if this goes viral somehow, I'll really regret it... However, I'm in full-blown Star Wars fanboy mode.  In addition to first-world problems (Fandango started selling early!  I had to get tickets at a non-desirable location...

“To Hell With Fate was a delightful read and the perfect book for anyone who has ever had conflicting emotions about their family of origin or sat in the corner wondering how they ended up with such a hodgepodge of well meaning (if overbearing) relations.”
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What is The Lunatic Fringe?

I’ll tell you what it is. It’s a direct competitor to McCovey Chronicles, and I need to enlist the brave and the fearless among you. We need to shut this new threat down. First, we’ll do a denial-of-service attack. Second, I’ll get in touch with Anon at 4ch…

Grant Brisbee, McCovey Chronicles

Very sweet book I shared with my kids. Unexpected delight. I think any teenager would enjoy this book. It’s got that sort of neverending summer feeling.
Jesus Christ (Amazon User)

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