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kobo-iconWell, it’s post-Christmastime, and that means that all that stuff that didn’t sell for the holiday needs to get cleared out.  So, ebooks for 50% off, including mine!!!!

That’s how it works with electronic books, right?

Anyways, Kobo bookstore is selling To Hell With Fate for 50% off, along with every other book published by Untreed Reads, until December 31st!  Simply enter the coupon code 50DEC at checkout to get the special price.

Kobo Books sells standard epub files, which are the open standard for electronic book files.  They can be used on any ebook reader except for the Kindle (or Kindle app), and several free epub readers can be downloaded to your devices or computer.  For instance on an iPhone, iPad or Mac, simply download the free iBooks application to read it.

You can use this coupon code as many times as you want through December 31st, so take advantage!

Once again, go to Kobo Books use coupon code 50DEC at checkout to get the special pricing!  And make sure you check out the Untreed Reads store to find other books published by them you can get this deal on!  And to get directly to my book, CLICK HERE!

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