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It’s Christmas, and it’s a time for giving.  I’ve had a few people ask me what I want…  Well, I’m a hard person to shop for…but there are some things that would be incredible that you could do that would help me out as far as my first novel goes.  If you are willing, I’d really appreciate it…and except for one thing, not a single one will cost you anything to do.

1. Leave A Review of To Hell With Fate at one of the major retailers.  The more reviews I get, the better my book will do.  I don’t want you to give me a blanket great review…please don’t lie for me.  Leave an honest review…but please leave one!  Here are the links to where my book is for sale:

Untreed ReadsApple iBooksAmazonBarnes & NobleOmniLit – GoodReads

2. Add To Hell With Fate to your “To Read” shelf at GoodReads.  There’s a lot of ways for books to take off in a social media world, but one of the best social networks for readers is Goodreads.  If you’re a member, please add my book to your shelf “To Read” (or to the shelf of books you have read, if you have).  Doing this will help encourage GoodReads to suggest it to others.  Find my book on GoodReads here.

3. Vote for To Hell With Fate on the “Best Valentine’s Day Themed Books” list at GoodReads.  Another way that people might find my book is looking for lists.  This list is pretty small so far, but it could get big.  Please go vote for it, as well as any other books that fit the list.  Find the list on GoodReads here.

4. Follow my various Social Media accounts.  I’d like to think I’m mildly amusing…and if you’d like to see more, follow me!  I have a professional account on both Facebook and Twitter.  Also, consider following my webcomic, The Lunatic Fringe, on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  Generally speaking, I’m not an overly prolific poster, although on the Lunatic Fringe accounts you’ll certainly see posts about new comics three days a week.  You won’t get tired of me…probably.

5. Request To Hell With Fate at your local library.  Many libraries will only allow requests from members.  So let your local library know that my book is out there, and that they should add it to their collections!  I’d really appreciate it.

5. Buy My Book!  Okay, this one is the one that costs money, but it’s only $4.99

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