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813bZlVvIoL._SL1500_My good friend, Alys B. Cohen, has released her first novel, “Sacred Blood.”

Battered and frightened, Juliette St. Claire flees from near-death at the crushing hands of her boyfriend, to find her closest friend, Tristan Larocque, only to discover he has kept a vital secret about his identity. 

Juliette lives her existence resigned to her boyfriend, Nathaniel Jensen’s violent whims. After a particularly violent evening, she has had enough, and a high window is her only chance at escaping with her life. Desperate to live through the night, she flees. 

Finally free, Juliette finds her best friend, but just when she needs him the most, Tristan must leave. She learns that he is a upiór who needs to find and warn a lost coven of his kind that they are in danger from Nathaniel, an instinctively violent skin-walker determined to abolish them. Rather than hide from the danger her ex presents, Juliette, determined to keep Tristan safe, insists that she accompany him on his mission. 

Over the course of a multi-country journey to save the mysterious coven, Juliette discovers she has more internal strength and courage than she’d ever realized. She leads the coven into battle against the skin-walkers and discovers she alone holds the power to destroy her terrible ex-boyfriend, or to mercifully spare his life.

Alys is a great writer and a talented friend, and her novel brings some new twists to an increasingly clichéd world of fantasy novels.  It’s available electronically and soon in limited print quantities.  I highly recommend you check it out!

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