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Star Wars Spoiler

Okay, here goes.

Luke Skywalker Is Evil in The Force Awakens

Yeah, yeah, obviously there’s something being hidden about Luke Skywalker in this movie, with no appearances in trailers or posters, and only one leaked photo that the studio keeps making people take down (so I’m not going to post it though I’m sure a google search will find it).

Could the secret be that Luke is the big bad?

This sounds like an incredible plot twist imagined by fans but never something that would be dared by a movie executive, afraid of crapping all over one of the greatest franchises of all time (that may have survived and incredible crapping before by its own creator…).

Except, there’s evidence.  Not circumstantial, said-by-not-saying, inclusion-by-omission type of stuff that truthers and Republicans and others make.  This is real damn evidence.

As in it has the star involved in this rumored plot twist talking about the same damned plot twist (in a different movie).

Oh, and the director is in the room listening intently.

That’s pretty damn good evidence, and it’s enough to make me wonder.