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The Next Novel From Kevin J. Cunningham

SWRP is the second novel by Kevin J. Cunningham, currently being written.

While I’d love to talk about what the novel it was about, my editor has some concerns about giving away too much before it is published.  As such, here is a summary of the story, although the important plot points have been redacted by the editor.

Brandon is a young <•••> who is living a <••••••••••••>.  He has <•••••> that <••••••••••••> can not <•••••••••••> anymore.  Victoria is a girl who <•••••••••••> her <•••••>.  A <•••••••••••> world has left her <••••>.

When they meet, <•••••••> is <•••••••>, at first.  But a surprise <•••••> where Brandon decides to <••••••••> changes everything.  This begins a <•••••••> series of <••••••> between the two of them where they both <•••••••••••••> suddenly <••••••••••> by <••••••••••> and <••••••••••>.  And although <•••••••> is not always <•••••>, they find within <••••••••••> the <••••••••••> they had <••••••> in <••••••••••> to move <•••••••> <•••••>.