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For Cyber Monday, you can take advantage of two promotions centered around Kevin’s enovel “To Hell With Fate; or, Why The Best Valentine’s Gifts Come From Mini-Marts“!

Strong Women In Fiction Giveaway
The female characters in this comic may not be particularly well-written (it’s a comic strip…no one is well-written!), but To Hell With Fate has been selected to be one of the prizes of the Strong Women In Fiction holiday giveaway! Enter this contest, and you’ll qualify to win the grand prize, which will get you a prize that is currently 29 books and is growing!

The novels in this giveaway are a wide-range of independent and small-publisher novels across the gamut! You’ll find romance, fantasy, sci-fi, and like To Hell With Fate, simple young adult literature!


Also at that link above, you will be able to see all the current prizes, as well as the ability to learn more about each book and author.

Entries for the contest run until December 8th, but don’t wait…we all know how procrastination goes…

Cyber Monday Sale for $2.99!
You can get To Hell With Fate for the reduced price of $2.99 (from a regular price of $4.99) on the publisher’s website directly! Just go to this link, and when you’re purchasing the book, use the Promo Code APPLEGUY.

Yes, I’m an Apple guy. Please don’t judge me.

Purchasing from the publisher directly gives both Kevin and his publisher higher royalties, and gives you copies that are compatible with just about every possible e-reader you could use, including Kindle, iPads or iPhones, Androids, your computer…and even the Nook for you rebels out there.

This deal is not compatible if you buy from a third-party reselling website, such as Amazon or iTunes or the link. And this deal ends today! So head out, and don’t forget the Promo Code!

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